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AVL Pets provides free basic services listings to businesses in the pet service, hospitality or other industries. We feel that in order to have the most comprehensive online directory, we should treat all listings equally. This not only provides opportunities to each business, but, most importantly, it also provides our guests with  the most comprehensive directory online. Having a truly complete directory provides our customers with the value they seek, allowing them to return to the site time and time, again. This translates to an exceptional user experience and a means of connecting businesses with clients in a manner beneficial to all.

Our focus truly lies in providing our guests with the most complete pet experience online… the only way to guarantee return visits.

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Our marketing team scours online sources as well as local print publications for businesses to list online and place them in appropriate categories. AVL Pets offers advertising upgrades to listings for businesses who desire to increase their exposure on our site. From featured listings with enhanced information, to website links, banner advertising and sponsorship of on our website.



  • All businesses are eligible for a free listing under all relevant categories in our directory. This includes the ability to submit event listings.
  • Enhanced listings are available to businesses who desire to provide additional information such as: detailed description, images, and links.
    • $20/mo. for all businesses
    • $10/mo. for non-profits.
  • Featured listings allow a business top rank in our directory, regardless of distance. This feature overrides the geo-location function and is limited.
    • $20/mo. for all listings.
  • Pet Friendly Enhanced listings are available for businesses who do not offer goods and services for pets, but are pet-friendly and wish to provide additional information about their pet-friendly business in our directory.
    • $20/yr.

Banner Ads

Banner ads are available throughout the website with various sizes based on the page location.

  • Home Page
    • (1000 x 120 pixels) @ $300/mo.
  • 1st Tier Pages – Veterinarians, Directory, Events, Classifieds, and Store
    • (800 x 120 pixels) @ $120/mo.
    • (250 x 120 pixels) @ $60/mo.
  • 2nd Tier Pages – Lost & Found, Recalls, Dating, Forum, Pet Food Brands, Gallery, and Meetup Groups
    • (800 x 120 pixels) @ $100/mo.
    • (250 x 120 pixels) @ $50/mo.


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